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      Melamine Polyphosphate


      Product Name Melamine Polyphosphate
      CAS No. 218768-84-4
      Molecular formula Unit C3H5N6(H2PO3)
      Molecular weight Unit 222.10
      Molecular formula (C3H5N6)n(H2PO3)m
      Physical and chemical properties White or gray crystal, good dicatability and thermal stability, processing temperature can reach 320℃, slightly soluble in water, slight smockingness, no moisture absorption.density:1.85g/cm3, solubility less than 0.01% at 20℃ in water, PH5 in saturated aqueous solution at 200℃,1% thermal decomposition at 320-350℃, 40% residual carbon below 600℃, LD>200mg/kg.
      Quality index
      MPOP(%)≥ 98.0
      N 40
      P 12
      H2O 0.3
      PH 5-7
      Appearance Off-white crystalline powder
      Size 5um(50%Pass)
      Applications For wire and cable, automotive industry, aerospace industry, electrical engineering in areas such as non-halogenated flame-retardant materials. A wide range of thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, but also applicable to glass fiber, reinforced nylon, etc. The amount proposed to be added 15-20% to UL94V-O-class.
      Packing specification 25/50kg in iron drum/woven bag with inner double layers plastic bag.

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