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      Melamine Cyanurate


      Product name Melamine Cyanurate (MCA)
      Introduction Inflaming retardant MCA is a kind of multi-functional additives with retarding and inflaming performance. The nitrogen content is>48%. The flame retarding function can be got obvious by adding the products into nylon. The heating performance is stable and it has lower loss when heating under 300℃ for a long time. At the same time, it has great lubricating performance as black lead and it can be used in high temperature, high pressure, high loading and shocking load and have great and stable lubricating performance. MAC can replace molybdenum disulfide and Teflon partly and it is a kind of great lubricating material.
      Flaming retarding agent MCA is white crystal powder and the proportion is 1.5g/cm3 and it is water and other organic solvents insoluble but it is oil and other oily medium soluble. It is poi sonless, no pollution, tasteless and stable above 300℃ and dissolve upon 600℃. The flaming retarding performance is great with less smog and the flame retarding grade can be more than UL94V-O.
      The product can be widely used in rubber, nylon, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, acrylic acid emulsion, Teflon resin and other resins. The product is a kind of great retarding materials which can be used in high retarding grade materials, or parts and the lubricating performance is great and it can be used as lubricants and the lubricating performance is better than molybdenum disulfide and the price is a quarter of the molybdenum.
      MCA has no poison or physiology damage and it can make the skin smooth and stick to the skin easily and it can be used in the production of cosmetics or the coating deluster. The MCA film can be used as the lubricating film of anti-corrosion lubricating film, steel wire drawing, punching press remover as well as the common parts. MCA can also be used as compounds with phenolic resin, epoxy resin, acrylic acid emulsion, Teflon resin and other resins as the special lubricating materials.
      Chemical Name:Melamine cyanuric acid, Melamine cyanuric acid salt and so on.
      Quality standard:Q/JHC001-2007
      CAS No. 37640-57-6
      Quality Index
      Appearance White fine powder
      Total nitrogen content % ≥48.00
      Moisture,% ≤0.5
      pH value 6.5~7.5
      Particle Size,% 25μm≥98;4μm≥50

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